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“ We are a team of Actuarial and Insurance professionals dedicated to help the financial services industry reap sustainable profit growth through measured risk that the company and the market, are exposed to. We support our clients to identify and understand specific areas of risk. We create tools to measure these risks, by advising them on how to maximize profitability through better management of risks, while providing reasonable benefits to their customers. We believe in numbers. The numbers we calculate will always have a story behind them. We will guide our clients through these talking numbers for a sustainable growth We provide professional Actuarial and Insurance solutions for Life and Non-Life Insurance industry, banking sector, Information Technology providers, Auditors and many other related industries covering many important functions in the financial market.”

Actsure Lab Team

Thanuja Krishnaratna

Executive Director/ Actuary


Thanuja is an Associate member of Institute and Faculty of Actuaries UK (IFOA). She holds a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from the University of Colombo, Masters in Actuarial Science and Post Graduate Diploma in Actuarial Management from Heriot Watt University, Scotland, UK.

Thanuja specializes in Life insurance and has more than 18 years of experience in Life Actuarial area working for two major life insurers Ceylinco Life, Union Assurance and advising clients. Currently she works for two clients; HNB Assurance PLC and Sanasa Life Insurance Company Limited. Thanuja has actuarial experience of many areas such as Actuarial Valuations, Risk Based Capital Solvency reporting and projections, Life Insurance pricing, IFRS 17, Actuarial Training, Risk Management, Life insurance profit projection, Training for Non Actuaries – Sales, Marketing, Life Operation, Finance, Micro Insurance, Benefit and Gratuity Valuation, Training and building Actuarial teams, Market research, Experience review, Reinsurance optimization, Embedded Value calculations etc.

She is a founder member and the immediate past president of Actuarial Association of Sri Lanka. She volunteers for International Actuarial Association (IAA) and Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, UK (IFOA) for the development of the Actuarial Profession around the world.

Iroshini Tittagalla

Executive Director/ Chartered Insurer


Iroshini Tittagalle, is an Associate member of the Chartered Insurance Institute, UK (CII). She holds a BA (Hons) in Business Management, UK. She has been working at the Union Assurance Plc for 12 years with 7 years of corporate management level in many roles from the executive to General Manager of Life Operations division.
She is an Associate Member of the Chartered Insurance Institute, UK and worked as the specified officer of Union assurance Plc


a. Specified officer role making sure the regulatory guidelines are adhered by the company being complied and ensuring the policyholder fairness.

b. Headed overall operation consists of

a. Underwriting,
b. Claims,
c. Policy servicing,
d. Customer service,
e. Call centre
f. Reinsurance

c. Involved in the Product Development Process

d. Exposure with international reinsurers such as Munich Re, Hannover Re, RGA, Partner Re etc.

e. Experience in the product Centre of Excellence

f. Project management skills as the key project member for managing the Core Insurance Administration system transition (from RFP to implementation and migration) and making sure smooth functionality of the system after moving to the new system from the old legacy system

g. Key project member implementing Unit Linked system

Archana Anoor

Principal Actuary


Archana is a fellow of Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, UK and Fellow of Institute of Actuaries India who has been working in Life Insurance Product Pricing, Life Actuarial Valuations, Benefit valuations and Project Management roles in Life Insurance & Pension sectors in UK and India for the last 10 years.

Archana as the Principal actuary will support clients on Life Actuarial Valuation and Appointed Actuary function for life insurers.

Also she is the co-founder of the Actlogica (Pvt) Ltd in India which is a Insuretech company who provides insurance sales tools for Life insurance sales teams using IT and Actuarial Technical tools.

Product and Services

Actuarial Valuations
Solvency – RBC Certification
Insurance Business, Profits and Solvency Projections (Insurance Profits Maximizer)
  • IFRS 17 Gap Analysis (Life / Non Life)
  • Knowledge Sharing and Workshops
  • Insurance System Support
  • IFRS 17 Implementation – Project Management Solution
Data Analytics
Actuarial and Economic Research
Experience Analysis
Appraisal Value Calculation / Embedded Value Calculation
Life Insurance Product Development Lab
Reinsurance Optimization
Financial Reinsurance
Gratuity and Pension Benefits Valuation
Life Insurance Sales Incentive Creator
Product Training for Sales and Operational Staff
Embedded Value Calculations
Peer Review
  • Liability Calculations / Actuarial Valuation
  • Profit Testing
  • Embedded Value
  • Actuarial Audits and RBC independent Review
Information Technology
Financial Auditing
Risk Management
Capacity Building for Insurance Regulators
Insurance Solutions
  • Underwriting Function Outsourcing
  • Policy Servicing Function Outsourcing
  • Medical Underwriting Function Outsourcing
  • Reinsurance Support
  • Claims Management Function Outsourcing
  • Life / Non Life operations team training
  • Insurance Process Review and optimization

Other than the above functions, we undertake insurance and Actuarial related assignments depending on the involvement of the knowledge of these areas

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