Actuarial & Insurance Solutions

” Partner in Success… beyond numbers “

Actuarial & Insurance Solutions

” Measuring Risks; Small change for a big impact “

Actuarial & Insurance Solutions

” Let us tell your success story… hidden under numbers “

Actuarial & Insurance Solutions

” Unlock Creativity! Unlock Innovation! “

About Us

“We are a team of Actuarial, Insurance and IT professionals dedicated to
help the financial services industry reap sustainable profit growth through
measured risk, which the company and the market, are exposed to.”

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“ We are not just number crunchers!! The numbers we produce will always have a story behind them. We will guide our clients through these talking numbers for a more sustainable growth.”

“ We are a crew of Actuarial and Insurance professionals working together to provide combined as well as stand-alone solutions, to the insurance industry as well as to other financial markets.”

“ We provide professional Actuarial and Insurance solutions for the Life and Non-Life Insurance industry, Banking sector, Information Technology Providers, Auditors, and many other related industries, covering a wide range of functions.”

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No: 11/2, 1st Lane, Pagoda Road, Nugegoda, Sri Lanka

+94 774 702 189